Pay Per Head Sportsbook Services for Local Bookies

You have to admit it—you are sick and tired of having to pay staff to sit by the phones and wait for your players to place their actions… and this is exactly why you need to start using a pay per head sportsbook service like In about ten minutes, you are going to start to wonder why you waited so long to make the move to automate your bookie operation.
Let’s take a quick look at some of the things that hold back most local bookie operations from going to the next level:
• Excessive salaries for staff
• Limited ability to only be able to take X number of calls at any given time
• Missing last-minute line moves due to injuries or playing conditions
• Limited number of service hours
• Inability to grow business into other areas of the market, such as horse racing, poker, or casino action
• Losing track of players’ figures, enabling them to rack up excessive debt they cannot pay off
Does any of that sound like the challenges you are facing with your own local bookie operation? If you checked off even one of those items, the time has come for you to take your operation to the next level and start using a pay per head sportsbook service.
Two of the bigger challenges for most local bookies is paying their staff and the number of hours they can be open. In many cases, bookies have to pay agents excessive salaries due to the limited amount of time they are able to offer them work.
All of those costs and restrictions are immediately dismissed the moment you make the move to a pay per head operation. Not only do you lose the salaries and staff, but you now have an operation that is literally available to your players 24/7.
If Joe the bartender would rather place his bets at 4am after he works and has an hour to look over the paper, he can do it while you are home sleeping in your bed. If someone wants to place a wager on Wednesday for a game on Sunday, the line will now be available for them to do so. You no longer have to worry about opening up your lines when there are only one or two games available because your online site is always open!
How many callers are you missing simply because your lines get too busy 15 minutes before the games kick off and then you have to listen to the moans and groans from your players that they missed getting their game in?
That will never happen because even if every player you have decides to place his or her bet at the exact same time, every wager will be placed as long as they get it in before the game actually starts. In many cases, bookies that use our service see a significant increase in their daily flip simply because all their players are always able to place their bets.
Players who have dug themselves into a hole are infamous for using the hectic last few minutes before a game kicks off to call in their bets, knowing you probably will not be able to check figures at that time. Our pay per head sportsbook service has up to the minute figures, meaning if a player is maxed out, they cannot place a wager without your approval of clearing their figure. In other words, nobody will be able to dig themselves into a hole, leaving you having to cover their figure or eat their loss.
How many times have you missed a line move that cost you money? The online bookie sites make a big move due to an injury or weather conditions you are unaware of and suddenly, because you are using an outdated line, money comes in on the wrong side, and you get crushed. That will never happen again.
Our system constantly monitors lines from all the top online sites and updates your lines accordingly. The line can also be set to adjust based on the amount of action your personal book is receiving in action. And best of all, it is all automated, so you don’t have to worry about EVER missing out on a line change again.
Finally, if you are not online, you cannot offer the same services as other online bookies, such as horse racing and casino action. Adding a casino to your local bookie operation automatically provides you with another profit center that will enable you to significantly grow your operation. When your players lose money, you get a piece of that action—it really is as simple as that.
You have taken the first step just by investigating pay per head sportsbook services, but now it is time to pull the trigger. For only $7 per active player per week, you can bring your local bookie operation into the 21st century. Visit us at for more information.


For the past couple of years, 7pph has been dedicated to promoting and improving the profession of bookmaking in the sports betting industry. With time, we have received a large influx of subscribers who have in turn set up shop with us; and have never looked back.



What makes us so attractive is our keen sense of understanding the unique dynamics that each and every bookmaker has. We strive to treat each and every bookie as an individual, who grows his or her business at their own steady pace.

What further makes us unique from other sportsbook agent companies? Well, we have a firm belief in following a given set of structures that have over the course of time, helped us develop a reputable name in the industry.

1. Providing the best bookie software for use in the industry

7pph software is unique in that it aims to solve the everyday problems and mishaps that bookmakers face. From controlling costs, to better organizing odds; to ensuring that you have the right system in place to profit accordingly from the number of customers you have, to the number of bets that are placed. This software is truly revolutionizing the sports betting industry.

2. Offering top-tier security level status to our bookies

We take security very seriously, and we love it when our bookies are confident in entrusting us with vital information critical to making their bookmaking business run smoothly. That is why we offer the ultimate level of security for your account. From 128-bit encrypted logins, to DDOs attack prevention. Our bookies feel 100% secure using our services, and we would like you to feel the same way too.

How to stay ahead of the game in bookmaking

In the world of sports betting, Sportbook Agent there comes a lot of risks as well as rewards with every bet that is placed. How to stay ahead of the game in bookmaking

In fact, one thing we have to understand is that there will always be winners and losers alike. It’s the way the world works. Your job as an independent bookmaker is to make sure that your customers are on the winning side. You need to be the middle-man that has the wits to make enough money through a certain commission for every bet that you book; while at the same making your clients happy If you are not using the services of an establishes pay per head such as 7pph, your losses can really begin to take a toll on your finances.

As an independent bookie, having control of your costs should be at the top of your priority list. And no company ensures that you have full control like 7pph. Since our inception, we have been helping established and start-out bookies to get it right when it comes to sports betting. And that’s why we are considered one of the most certified and decorated sportsbook agents in the United States and the world over. That being said, we would like to share with you some of the tips and practices that successful bookmakers under our wing have used to ensure that they keep their clients happy; which means greater profits for them.

1. Always have the best sports betting software at your fingertips 

Yes, having the ideal software when it comes to sports betting is like having a Lamborghini in a race with others who have a Prius. You are always going to win; not to mention having the ideal betting lines that keep you in touch with the latest news in odds and how to profit from them. And that is why our software is termed as one of the best in the market. Delivering the ideal tips and information to make sure you get your books right.

2. Customize your betting options accordingly

Once you join our bookie website, you have the ability to customize your betting options the way you see it fit, as well as set up your customers’ profiles in a unique manner. Not only that, but you will also be able to adjust or control the betting and credit limits; as well as monitor and track all the action as it comes in real time.

3. Don’t be a small-time bookie

What do we mean by this? For starters, don’t be a cheating bookie. We’re talking about the idiots who love to hit and run on their clients. You don’t have to lure customers to you by stating absurdly amazing odds, only to later bail out when the money comes rolling in and fail to pay them.  Be proper and exact in the odds that you place; so as to avoid any mishaps and frustrations that you may cause your customers. Remember that there are people who use quite a sum of their money in betting, and doing them wrong is not the ideal way to go. Be a reputable bookie, and in turn you will receive a steady clientele base where you can make enough money from. And eventually, everyone will be happy.

4. Treat each and every customer as an individual

This is one aspect that every bookie tends to overlook at one point or another. However, it is crucial to treat every customer you have in a special manner. What do we mean by this? For starters, each customer has a unique betting sense. Some will bet small, some will be cautious, while others will risk it all. It’s up to you to figure out which customer is best suited for what bet and which odds. We all come from different backgrounds. To some, they might be okay with losing one or two bets before winning it big. While other may go nuts by losing just one bet and might even put in a bad word for you! That being said, always analyze your clients as individuals. Watch their betting patterns, how they react to losses and wins, and how much they are willing to put in. This way, you never have to cross any of your customers boundaries and transactions will continue on smoothly.

So with the above mentioned techniques, you will definitely stay ahead of the game as a bookmaker. Just keep it simple, straightforward, and the rest will fall in place.

Take your bookmaking services at a slow but steady pace

Take your bookmaking services at a slow but steady pace

Whether you’ve just started bookmaking, or have been around for a couple of seasons, then one thing that remains law is that you need to be steady, sure, and consistent with your odds; not to mention how you control your costs. What do we mean by this? Although the PPH industry is lucrative, many bookmakers have fallen to the temptation of dipping their hands too far down the cookie jar. They want to have it all in the shortest time possible. Absurd odds, multiple bets, and lack of competency. In the end, they fail to balance their sportsbooks and  before you know it, they crash and burn. That’s when you hear of bookies ghosting on their clients when time comes to paying them what they owe. As a rule of thumb, never chew what you can’t swallow.

Pick the right pay per head software

7pph’s sportsbook software is a game changer in the industry. That’s because the software offers unique services that makes sure you have full control of your bookmaking abilities. And in that case, we believe that having the right PPH software is ideal to creating the kind of reputation that gives clients the confidence to always access your services. This further allows you to build a great rapport with return customers, who will then help you market your business through word of mouth. You can start today with a pay per head free trial.

Have access to an established PPH website

An established site that helps you build your business from the ground up is vital in helping you excel in the world of bookmaking. And that’s exactly what 7pph offers. An ideal environment that lets you hone your bookmaking skills. Offering 24/7 support with the most experienced customer service in the world of sports betting. Comes with the additional perks of security, and exposure to the most professional and up to service betting lines the world over. Having these kind of services at your fingertips is something that takes years to build. However, we bring them to you in a matter of seconds once you sign up with 7pph, you are given access to content that will ultimately lift you to the apex of the bookmaking service industry.

So being a successful bookmaker who can be summarized into three simple words; ‘being a go-getter.’ And that is exactly what 7pph offers you. A go-getter platform for the bookie with a go-getter mentality.

How to earn big in the most profitable business

Have you ever thought of being a successful PPH bookie? Well, then you’re in the right place. is here to help you earn big in one of the most lucrative online businesses around. And that’s sports betting. In fact, most people are turning to bookmaking to earn that extra dollar on the side.

And it’s no surprise, considering that this multi-billion dollar industry has so much to offer. From the thrill of risks, to the pleasure of handsome rewards; it’s like binge-watching your favorite Netflix series all over again. So what does it take to make the big bucks as a bookie? We’re here to share some of the skills that top bookies use to rake in the profits from their customers’ bets.

You need to capitalize on the difference between being a bettor and a PPH agent
To be a successful PPH agent, one rule of thumb is to have some sought of experience with betting beforehand. That’s because it will help you understand the dynamics and psychology of being in the bettors shoes. It’s just like soccer. The most decorated coaches in Europe were once pro-players before they developed a career in coaching. In every bettors mind, it is custom to always want to win big in every game they place a bet on. As a PPH agent, you need to capitalize on this; and focus on increasing the bettors actions in your sportsbook. That’s because the more money a bettor places, the more you capitalize on through commission.

Offer your customer’s the best bookmaking services
Just like every other business, bookmaking requires that you give your customers impeccable service. We’re talking about giving them the best advice on placing bets, encouraging bets on games with good odds, and increasing their chances of capitalization. And that’s how the pay gets handsome. Because the more bets your customers win, the more your pockets jingle with profits. It’s paramount that you always offer excellent services to your clients, never forget to offer them opportunities that they can profit from immensely.

Pay Per Head Software Solution for Bookies

Are you a bookie or sports betting agent that’s looking to take your business online? Traditionally, bookies built their businesses around the age-old betting slips and then tracking their clients.

This has always required a lot of tiresome work that was the downfall of many good bookies. Keeping track of everything requires discipline and support from employees and hours of work.

Pay Per Head Software Solution for BookiesTrade all of those problems in for the latest revolution in the sports betting industry. Pay Per Head software now gives you the power you need to take your bookie business to the next level. Finding the right Pay Per Head solution to manage your online business is critical to the success and the backbone of your operations, the right solution should fully automate your business and take the stress out of managing your affairs.

Pay Per Head software solutions package together a proven system that increases bets and profitability. All your previous systems can now be incorporated into one platform that gives you a solid overview of your business anytime you need it.

A great Pay Per Head system will offer you extensive reporting that’s updated in real-time, alongside fantastic account management modules that allow you to adjust credit limits, offer free plays and customize your parlay profiles. Security is the most important feature of your Pay Per Head platform and encrypted data protection is vital to ensure that your business and your players stay protected.

Better betting variety

To run a successful book, you will need your players coming back and betting time and time again. Pay Per Head platforms allow your players to choose from a wide variety of options on the action, with everything from betting on horses to sports teams, they are sure to be kept involved, engaged and placing bets.

Effective and efficient bookmaking

Managing your players is simple and easy with a Pay Per Head system. Reporting is essential for you to discover the dynamics that are working with your business and those that require your attention. Advanced reporting should give you an accurate screenshot of where your players are placing their bets, what their current balances and win rates are.

Simplicity is key and having one place to manage all your business affairs from is a tremendous advantage that keeps your business operating profitably and efficiently.

White labeled platforms with secure data

Use a Pay Per Head platform that offers you the ability to white label it with your company’s logo and corporate identity, giving you the ability to have your branding on your players’ minds as they place their bets.Keeping your sensitive business and client information is

Keeping your sensitive business and client information is top priority in this digital age. The platforms secure data service features strong 128-bit encryption and various payment gateways that allow you to accept payment in a variety of currencies, including bitcoin.

Great customer satisfaction and service levels

There is nothing worse than coming across a problem that seems insurmountable and that’s why it’s important to choose a platform that has great client service levels, keeping you connected to agents that are ready to solve your issues, 247/365.

The gaming and sports book industry revolves around the players and offering them great support will ensure that you capture more repeat business. Make sure that you have access to the best support and backup to keep your business running smoothly. With 24/7 phone support, available from friendly helpdesk support agents, you will never have a problem you can’t solve.

Your business on the move

With Pay Per Head software, you can now take your business with you wherever you go! It is now possible to get a complete screenshot of your business anywhere you are with our platform integration into mobile devices.

Manage your players and business from your smartphone or tablet, keeping you in touch with your players at any time. The power of a mobile platform allows you more freedom in your time and your business, giving you the opportunity to expand, or simply enjoy your free time knowing that everything is under control.

Work with the best

There are many software solutions providers that promise the world when it comes to their Pay Per Head system, but few that deliver. When selecting the right software for your business, it’s important to check out past client reviews on the systems applications and support. Choosing the right service provider from the start will ensure that your business remains profitable and grows into the future.

Grow your business and your prosperity with a Pay Per Head solution that takes the effort out of the bookmaking business and focuses on the players and the profitability.

The Right Pay Per Head Solution to
Manage Your Online Bookie Business

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How to Become a Bookie

Are you researching the internet on how to become a bookie? Bookmaking is a fast-paced business that offers a lifestyle of constant flux and excitement.

Starting your own bookmaking business can be very profitable, but it can also be a very risky venture filled with frustration.

How to Become a BookieAs a bookmaker, you will have to become familiar with your customers betting habits, how often they win and lose and where they like to place their action. The closer attention you pay to your business, the better it will perform and the more players will flock to you to place their action. However; if you fail to track this life-blood of your business, i.e. the data, then you will quickly find out that you are leaving money on the table.

Learning how to become a bookie isn’t as hard as it seems, it’s the relentless dedication that you need to ensure your success that’s the hard part. Doing things, the old-fashioned way, tracking your local players and entering their action in a little black book only belongs in the movies. Nowadays, bookies use electronic systems and computers to run their business and manage their data.

This is where you may begin to feel resistance to the industry, electronic ledgers and internet systems may sound intimidating, we assure you they are not. The images of old gangster types from films, penciling in the action from their players into their ledgers is the stuff of Hollywood movies. Today, those bookies wouldn’t even make it through a good sports day. Using automated systems such as Pay Per Head software, available from 7PPH, can give your bookie business the solid foundations it needs to be successful.

Managing your data is the number one priority of any bookie. Learning how to become a bookie is all about managing and securing the gaming data from your players and tracking their habits as they play. Doing things manually is ineffective and can end up costing you lost bets and even lost players. Taking the action from a large number of players will seem next to impossible and this was one of the bookies most important functions.

Those days are gone with 7PPH, our platform will give you everything you need on how to become a bookie, providing you with systems for management of your players and their action. PPH software gives you a complete snapshot of your business all in one -place and allows you to make decisions faster and execute them just as quickly. From loading credits to passing out free games or spins and even managing your players betting habits, 7PPH software gives you everything you need to run an effective, profitable bookmaking business.

7PPH values your client and sensitive business data and our platform ensure 100% secure encrypted protection of your data from any hackers or online thieves. At the same time, we want to make sure that you have instant, on-demand access to your data wherever and whenever you need it. The 7PPH platform is available to load on your mobile device, keeping you in touch and in control of your bookie business at any time.

The 7PPH platform stands out from all other software suppliers with our dedicated service and support. Our service the friendly and knowledgeable support team is ready to assist you, 24-hours a day, in solving any issues you have with the platform and get you back to taking the action as quickly as possible.

Your business id only as strong as the players that frequent your site and offering the best support to you will keep them coming back and placing their bets.

With 7PPH you have the chance to improve your online bookie business with a powerful software solution that takes as much action as your players have to give, with super-fast data transfer providing up to date lines and prompt deposits and payouts payments, accommodating any means of payment, even Bitcoin. 7PPH offers a $4 flat client fee to our bookmakers, far under the industry average of $10, unlike other PPH platforms, 7PPH only charges you if the player actually places his bet.

To conclude, the simplest way of how to become a bookie is to use a system that will reduce your workload while allowing you to manage your business better than ever before. The power of a Pay Per Head solution for setting up your online bookie business is well worth the investment in the software.

With 7PPH you can now focus your attention on driving player action and growing your bottom line, rather than trying to keep your players and their action organized.

Become a Bookie in the Sportsbook Book Making Business

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How to Revolutionize Your Sportsbook Book Making Business

No matter if you are a seasoned bookie or a novice bookmaker just starting your empire, you can revolutionize your sportsbook book making business.

Benefit from implementing an online Pay Per Head software solution.

If you value your business and want to expand it to the next level of gaming revenue, then a Pay Per Head system is an industry innovation you need to know about.

Pay Per Head Solutions

Revolutionize Your Sportsbook Book Making BusinessPay Per Head software solutions provides a platform for you to manage all your online gaming business activities. It provides a framework for client management, customer service, promotions, and payments. Pay Per Head gives you a screenshot of your business in real-time on any device and gives you complete control of your business where ever you are at any time.

Choosing the right Pay Per Head software to implement into your sportsbook bookmaking business is a critical decision that can either push your online business to the next level of profitability or ruin it. Using an inferior Pay Per Head software system can cost you a lot more than money, it can tarnish your reputation and set you back years in your business.

The Benefits of Selecting the Right Pay Per Head Software

Using the right Pay Per Head system has a number of benefits. As an online sportsbook book making business, your most valuable commodity is your data. Your sensitive client and business information need to be 100% secure at all times and encrypted in 128-bit technology that cannot be hacked or stolen.

Keeping your data safe is your number one priority and a close second is keeping your players happy. You need an uninterrupted data feed that never crashes and never lets down you or your clients on game day. If you cannot manage your traffic, then your players will look for alternative venues to place their action.

Top quality Pay Per Head software solutions keep your data safe and your players happy with access to playing and the right live information for lines that are 100% accurate and not corrupted. Working with the right Pay Per Head provider can revolutionize your sportsbook book making business and maximize your profits while increasing traffic and players to your site. Your payment gateways are instrumental in ensuring your online business functions smoothly. Pay Per Head software allows you to accept payment easily in a variety of currencies, including Bitcoin.

Pay Per Head software offers you Real-time reporting on your business, giving you a complete overview of your player’s action. Check out their bets, wins and losses and lifetime client value all in one place.

Reducing your effort spent on data collection and execution will save you time and let you handle larger volumes of players while still managing to keep everyone satisfied and grow profits.

Global Expansion

Being the best local bookie is great, but wouldn’t it be even better if the entire world was your market, rather than just a city or town? This is the true benefit and power that Pay Per Head software gives your sportsbook bookmaking business.

Taking your business and pushing it online with the right platform optimization and client management tools allows you to transform your local business into a global powerhouse that operates 247/365.

With greater access to data and the capacity to provide quality gaming and bookmaking services to a larger base of clients, while growing your own client data increases dramatically. Imagine if you had instant access to every bet, win, loss, payout, game record and every other vital statistic of your business, all with a simple click?

The time you save and the research you can develop is absolutely staggering. With this knowledge and data on hand, you can adjust your business strategy as needed in real-time

Support When You Need It!

The final pillar of any good Pay Per Head software provider is their client support. You need to work with a company that provides you with live support that can solve your issues timeously and effectively. The software is only as good as the support being it and making sure that you work with a Pay Per Head provider that understands your needs and has qualified consultants available to assist you when you need it.

The Final Bet

Can you afford not to be without a Pay Per Head software solution for your sportsbook book making business? The world is changing and more players join the online betting world every day, get out there and claim your piece of the action with a reliable, powerful Pay Per Head solution. If you don’t take their action, someone else will.

Revolutionize Your Sportsbook Book Making Business

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Why Your Online Bookie Business Needs Pay Per Head

If you are a bookie, chances are that you may have come across Pay Per Head software. If you have heard of it and not had the chance to get around to reviewing what it can do for your sportsbook business?

This article will cover what you need to know to select the best Price Per Head provider and what their software solution can do to grow your business into the information age.

What is Price Per Head software?

Why Your Online Bookie Business Needs Pay Per HeadPay Per Head software is an online platform that allows you to fully manage your online sportsbook, giving you a screenshot of your bookmaking business and allowing you to track your player’s action right down to the penny, in real time.

Gone are the days of you manually managing the book yourself, the platform gives you accurate, timeous information about every part of your sportsbook.

Pay Per Head software allows you to leverage your business with the power of technology, automating data collection of your players, their betting habits and track all of the payouts and profits. Simply put, the software does the job of an entire bookies staff with an automated solution that gives you on-demand access to the data.

From accepting bets, providing the latest lines and managing payouts, Pay Per Head software automates your business, freeing up your time and allows you to focus your attention on other pressing matters.

It’s all about the data

Price Per Head software systems is all about the data. Collecting and managing data gives you insights into the behavior of your players by giving you real-time and historical reports of how they placed their action and the outcomes of the bets. The system allows for unlimited players and with these players comes a lot more data.

Keeping your client’s sensitive data and your business data 100% secure is a top priority in the online sportsbook bookmaking industry. Your data is everything and experiencing a hack or a breach in your security can be devastating for your business and your reputation.

Price Per Head software ensures that your data is protected with 128-bit encryption and can never be hijacked by shady online hackers or criminals.

What You Need from a Good PPH Software Solution

A great PPV system should be able to give you a quick snapshot of your business as well as track all of your clients and their bets. It should have the capability to accept bets on a variety of lines and sports to keep your players active and betting as often as possible.

Stay connected to your business at any time with Pay Per Price software that works on your mobile device of choice. We understand that you need a mobile solution to enable you to manage all of your affairs on the move and the 7PPH software coupled with the power of mobile technology puts you at the cutting edge of sportsbook management.

Why use 7PPH?

7 Pay Per Head offers a software solution that can take the operating profitability and management of your online sportsbook business to the next level. Why stay as a local bookie when you can harness the power of the internet to start your global empire where you can take action from anywhere in the globe?

With 7PPH you have the ability to enhance your online sports betting business with a powerful software solution that takes as much action as your players can throw at it, with fast data transfer allowing for current lines and effective and efficient payments, even in digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

7PPH offers a client fee to our bookies of $7 per head flat fee, below the industry level of $10, and 7PPH only charges the bookie when the player actually places his bet with you. We aim to be the leading industry provider of Price Per Head software and the preferred choice for Bookies all around the globe.

The Final Word

Changing the way you do business can seem like a chore that seems insurmountable. But what if there was a way to set up your bookie business online with minimum hassle and effective support that get you up and running and taking the action.

With the 7PPH team and our software platform, we will help you push into the information age and capitalize on the power of modern technology to propel your profitability and customer service to new heights.

Change the way you do business, join the online bookie revolution with 7 PPH and Price Per Head software solutions.

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Pay Per Head

Our team of experts have developed software that is extremely flexible and offers seamless integration. Our pricing is unmatched at a $7 Pay Per Head flat fee. No hidden costs, no surprises, and we don’t take a percentage of your profits.

7PPH betting services provide everything you need in order to operate your own book. Our team is dedicated to fully developed web, graphics, and programming in making and maintaining your website 24/7 to make sure you are up to date with the latest technology.

Our technical support teams are available to assist you and your players 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our fully redundant hosting facility is maintained around the clock to fulfill all of your web needs.